HandyFind lets you find words as you type in Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Notepad, and more. You'll find what you're looking for as soon as you enter enough letters. Don't scroll around. Don't use the Find dialog. Just type where you want to go.

HandyFind Screen Shot

HandyFind is free. If you find it useful, please consider making a donation.

Download HandyFind
(Version 2.0.10)


  • Find as you type in Internet Explorer, Notepad, Microsoft Word, Excel, and more
  • Much less cumbersome than the Find dialog and can be used even in places where no Find dialog is available!
  • Select some text and instantly jump to the next occurrence of it
  • "Click" on hyperlinks with your keyboard


Verdict: A very useful little tool -- PC Magazine

I've been using HandyFind for months now and have found it to be very quick and stable and a must-have extension to Windows. -- Kinook Software Blog

For those of you waiting for Microsoft to get its act together and add incremental find to Internet Explorer, there's something even better out there... HandyFind gives you incremental search in most Windows applications... And better than that: it gives you one interface that works with all of these programs! -- Humanized Weblog

Just hit a hot key, start typing your search term and you're off. Simple, effective and, yes, free. -- Download Squad

What's really cool is that you can use it to search in applications that don't have a find feature, but contain text boxes. -- Google Operating System

A lightweight alternative to the onboard Find tool, locating text inline without any disruptive box to block your field of view. -- Jake Ludington's MediaBlab

HandyFind truly is a handy word finder... If you use the supported programs often then HandyFind is well worth having around and is much less cumbersome than the regular Ctrl-F "Find" command. -- CFS Program Review

Very useful and works flawlessly -- TechReplies

This time-saving utility...will be useful to all users -- CNET Review

Using HandyFind

The HandyFind search balloon appears when you press a hot key (Ctrl+Space by default). You can customize the hot key or exit HandyFind by right-clicking on the "H" icon in the system tray:

HandyFind in system tray

The default keyboard settings are:

Ctrl+Space Enter search mode. While in search mode, the highlight will jump to the first occurrence matching what you type.
Right Arrow Find the next occurrence.
Left Arrow Find the previous occurrence.
Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow Select some text then press this keystroke to jump to the next occurrence of it.
Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow Select some text then press this keystroke to jump to the previous occurrence of it.
Ctrl+Alt+Space Enter search mode and repeat your last search.
Enter If your search lands on a hyperlink (Internet Explorer only) press Enter to "Click" it.

System Requirements

Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT.

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